๐Ÿ™‚ Hello!

Welcome to my little website called KezzGaming, it’s my ambition to catalogue all the games in my collection for my own records whilst learning about games I’ve got in my collection that I have never played, which there are many un-played games in my collection!

So lets backfill a little bit, I have been playing video games since 1982, when my parents caved in and bought me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which I got hooked on and didn’t part ways with the Speccy until 1990! Needless to say there has always been a video game capable piece of electronics in my life ever since.

Taken back in 2017 before the return of my son, now it all lives in storage

So when did I start collecting? well that’s a difficult one to pin a specific date on as I was always one for keeping hold of games and never finishing them, but in 2013 I started looking at rebuilding my Xbox360 collection. This led to me collecting for its older brother the original Xbox, often referred to as the OG Xbox. Since then the collection has expanded greatly, most of the collection being for 6th & 7th generation consoles.

Collecting seems to be in my genes, my mum collected all manner of ornaments & china so maybe it rubbed off on me at a young age, before I had a modest video game collection, I collected diecast cars (since 1994 to present day) and previously got into Lego but Lego was more of a building experience that turned into collecting – I sold most of it as it was getting ridiculous!

Old systems, like the Original 2003 Microsoft Xbox can still have purpose in 2022

Since this has given me purpose and use of my skills obtained over 23 years of being in the digital space working on other peoples ideas, it has been refreshing to work on my own terms with no limits of budgets!

So in 2022 KezzGaming is born, a project which is nothing more than a desire to play and catalogue all my games and hardware, and record all the experiences that I will have along the way.

All that said I hope you have time to join me in experiencing some of these games for the first time or re-kindling some fond gaming memories.

All the best
Kezz ๐Ÿ™‚